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Maybe it's time to change this website over to a blog, since I seem to start every new update with an apology about how long it's taken to update!

6 months have evaporated! Figuratively, and, in the case of the high desert, literally. Good thing the pond came in so strongly this year:

What you see there is Max releasing 65 rosie red minnows and 5 baby koi into our 3000 gallon aquarium. They join the 80 or so feeders, and, as of yesterday, 2 rainbow trout, courtesy of DD (not tomention the Jeruslaem Cricket, millions of worms and other bugs, and the blue - tailed skink Max has caught. And, probably, other stuff that he's caught and released in the house. Love it!). We'll see who's still swimming next summer; might be two HUGE 24" trout and no one else.

What chaos this spring was! We had a faculty member up and quit, which added onto the stat department's (read: my) workload. It's over now, and, for the first time in a long time, I have NO desire to go to work to work on classes until August. Good thing, too...why miss all this?

And lucky am I to have this gorgeous family?

I'll keep this not-very-texty, since I know you came here to see images and not read words (alo, I'm working on two movies that I'll add ASAP). Speaking of images, I also started using Hipst-...oh, wait...InstaGram. I'll randomly update pictures to this site. Enjoy! As you may have noticed, I missed an important update!

Here are some more pictures from the garden (including a couple of our new "orchards"):

Took a little sidetrip to Dizz-Knee-Land whilst I participated in Joel's wedding:

Speaking of Joel and Bri...Plow's been a tad busy, to say the least. Rather than get you caught up here, please check out Plow's FaceBook page (yeah, yeah...I know. "I don't use that time wasting waste of time". Well, guess what? Everyone else does, and I want folks to see what my band's doing. Especially when we get notes like this). Stoked to be making music with the gents yet again!

Well, time to get these've all waited long enough! And enjoy this!

What the heck has Obama done so far?